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Register Your Band

If your band wants to participate, awesome.   We need your name, some contact information and, hopefully, a video of a performance or rehearsal.

Sponsor the Event (it's for the kids!)

This event happens because of businesses like Mason Music, Morgan Properties and you.  Volunteers and sponsors make the music happen.

Join Us April 6th, 2024

They don’t call it “Rocky” Ridge for no reason!  Please join us for the 5th Annual Rocky Ridge Battle of the Bands, sponsored by Mason Music.  The music will start at 5 pm as middle school and high school bands from the area compete for a total of $1,000 worth of prize money.  Not surprisingly, these “kids” are good.  Make that …. great!   This is truly a community event, supported by residents, family, fans and the business around the Vestavia Hills area and beyond that come together and cheer on these talented musicians.  If you play in a band, support live music, or wish to sponsor this event, you’re in the right place.  Let’s rock!

2024 Battle of the Bands Sponsors

Vaughn & Stacey Sparks


We need your support!  100% of the money raised in our effort to host this event goes toward making evening special for the musicians and fans alike.

Your donation helps to fund a portion of the prize money and the staging, sound and lights that make this event like no other in this area.


• Business on city’s Dogwood Festival Page
• Logo on merchant posters and stage signage
• Business on real estate signs for the event
• Access to VIP Tent with adult-style goodies
• Shout out from the stage
• Warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart

Got a Band?  You’re In!

Battle of the Bands is open to all musicians, all styles.  Country.  Rock.  Cover songs.  Originals.  Whatever it is that you play, we want to hear  you.  From singer/songwriter solo acts, to full bands, to brass bands, and all points in between.  Professional sound and lights along with backline gear is provided.

There two categories:  middle school and high school.  Whichever age group makes up the majority of your members … that’s the category in which you’ll compete.  Depending on the number of bands each year, bands get about 15-20 minutes to perform and are “graded” by VIP guest judges each year based on certain performance criteria.  In each category, the winner receives $750 cash and the runner up, $250

For more information, see our Q&A section below.

Rumor has it … Battle of the Bands never disappoints!

“The annual battle of the bands is truly a great way for young musicians to express themselves, and I have looked forward to it every year. I’ve been playing in the battle of the bands for the past two years, and I have been fortunate enough to have won last year with an awesome band. Everyone is so kind and supportive to the point where it doesn’t even feel like a competition. My favorite parts of the battle of the bands have been hanging out with other super cool young musicians in the tour bus, jamming with everyone on stage when the competition was over, and listening to all of the different bands with my friends.”

Berkley, Bass Player

“The Ridge Eat & Drink – and me personally – look forward to this event every year.  We sponsor the event and get so much out of doing so, professionally and personally.  Bob Barker, Robin Morgan and Mason Music really pull out all the stops to make these musicians feel special.  And quite frankly, these young musicians really know how to put on a good show.  It’s an event you don’t want to miss!”

Saeed, The Ridge Eat & Drink

“As a past and current sponsor of Battle Of The Bands we look forward to this event every year. It is a great afternoon for both the kids performing and the kids and families in attendance. Live music is one of the best experiences available today and Bob and his team make the performers feel like they have hit the big time. If you have not been it is fun for the entire family!”
John Gentle, Anoyvs and 2023 Stage Sponsor

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hours of the event?

Typically, the music kicks off at 5 pm but ocassionally we start at 4:30 if we have more than 8-10 bands performing.  By 9:30 pm, the event is usually closing down.

How Many songs do bands play for their set?

Each band is alotted about 15 minutes to perform.  Typically, that 3-4 songs.

What equipment is provided?

The event provides all equipment needed for each band including a shared drum set (feel free to bring your own snare drum) and bass guitar cabinet.  Mics, mic stands, monitors, lights and cabling are provided.  Bring your own guitar amps and cabling to run sound to your amps.  

What are the judging criteria and who are the judges?

You can reach the judging criteria here.  Judges change every year but are chosen for their resumé and ability to remain totally impartial to the process.  Judges donate their very valauble time to be with us each year.  Make sure to thank them.

How do I know which category I should be in?

Each band must have a majority of members in a particular age group to participate in that category.  For example, if you have two high school members and two middle school members in your band, you could choose to participate in either category.  As for high school, at least half of your members must still be in high school to qualify.  If most members are in high school but one member has graduated high school, you are still eligible to compete in the high school division.