for your interest in performing at Rocky Ridge Battle of the Bands!  Quick shout-out to our title sponsor, Mason Music.  Their team has supported this event since the very beginning.

Most everything you need to know about performing, schedule, judging criteria and more can be found below.  If you have any questions, you can contact us via the contact page or go ahead and sign up on the registration page.


There are two categories in which bands perform:  middle school and high school.  To qualify for either category, at least half of the members in any given band must be enrolled as students in their respective grades.


It’s pretty simple.   Just register your band.  We’d love to have a picture and a video of your band performing or practicing.  For size, this can be just 30 seconds or so.  We’ll need some contact information (an adult, for middle school bands).  There is no entrance fee.


On the day of the show, Middle school bands arrive one hour before showtime, usually around 3:30.  Bands draw numbers for order of performance and the first bands starts setting up.  Drums and bass guitar amp is provided as our vocal mics, stands, etc.  Bring your instruments, cables and guitar amps.  Middle school bands perform no more than 15-20 minutes each, with each band ready to hit the stage, in tune as the previous band finishes.

We encourage high school bands to arrive in time to support the younger musicians.  As the middle school bands finish and winners are announced, high school bands draw for performance order and the high school division proceeds in the same manner.

The winning band in each category receives $750 and the second place band receives $250.

As high school bands wrap up and winners are announced, we encourage musicians to wrap up the night with their own version of an all-star jam.  Music typically ends around 9:30 pm.


Each year, guest judges select winners from each division based on criteria below.  Judges are chosen for their experience in the field of music – many of which have performed, literally, all over the world.  Although some groups are full bands, solo artists are welcome and have an equal chance of making a big impression.

Judging Criteria

Preparedness – 10 Points Total
Evidence of performance planning and musicians appear ready and prepared to perform.

Presentation – 30 Points Total
Attitude, Dress, Appearance: Did the band show personality on stage? Showmanship: Did the band entertain? Did one or the entire band display showmanship towards the crowd?

Originality – 20 Points Total
Material: How unique did the songs sound? Even if it is a cover song, did they spin their own creativity into it?  Appearance: Did the band look original? Did the band stand out? Improvisation: Did the band demonstrate any level of original improvisational skill? I.e. ‘jam out’ or play thru through an instrument change, repair or equipment failure.

Audience Participation – 10 Points Total 
Verbal Interaction:
Did the band talk to or with the audience? Physical Interaction: Did the band physically participate with the audience e.g. Eye contact, head nod, acknowledgments, etc. Confidence: Was the band confident in their interaction/presentation with the audience?

Quality of Performance – 30 Points Total
Did the band look at ease whilst playing? Did the band appear to be able to do what they wanted to do?  Stage Presence: Did the band use the stage effectively? Did the band interact effectively on stage as a unit? How did the band cope with any problems they may have encountered? Conformance to contest rules: Did the band followed the rules stated in the contest i.e. time limit, profanity?


Pretty much.  You’ll enjoy a backstage area with food and drinks.  A stage manager will be on hand to help coordinate bands moving on and off stage.  There are a few rules:  No profanity from the stage.  Be ready to play when it’s your turn.  Support the other musicians.  Have a good time.